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Mavs Mekel Shines In Loss At Indy

Gal Mekel is in a pinch. Roster room is tight and time is running out. But on Saturday in the Mavs' backup-only loss at Indy, he made one more bid for a spot.

Mavs O Heat-Check's Its Way To Win Over Cavs

The Mavs unveiled their expected regular-season starting lineup for the first time in Cleveland on Friday, registering a 108-102 preseason win with an offense so quick-striking not even their black socks could make them look slow.

Mavs At Cavs - 'Champs' Meet In Preseason

DALLAS - When Shawn Marion made his decision to sign with Cavs, he immediately received a text from Mavs leader Dirk Nowitzki. 'I thanked him for his last couple of years here,' Dirk says, 'and I reminded him we’re champs.' Even though Trix isn't scheduled to play tonight, a face-to-face reminder comes now in Cleveland:

Mavs Thursday Donuts: 'We Like Our Plan'

DALLAS - The Mavs have back-to-back road games this weekend and they have a plan to unveil their starting five. That, plus a video look at the sweet stroke of Charlie V, Dirk vs. Yuki video, a surprise bell-ringer and a tricky plan to move some point guards through camp ... C'mon down into the AAC basement for the Mavs Donuts!

Mavs Donuts: Chop-Bustin' + Roller-Coasterin'

DALLAS - Dirk, Devin and Monta all bustin' each others' chops ... Sarge, Mekel and Ledo in a bunch at the bottom ... Charlie V riding the roller-coaster back to the top ... Your one-stop shop for the best in Mavs coverage for our 15th season ... Dallas Mavs Donuts!

Mavs 'Hang In There' - A Day Of Golf

LAS COLINAS - We go where the Mavs go. So it's 18 holes of fun as Dirk harasses Devin, Jae Crowder gives us the scoop on his re-engineered body, Darrell Armstrong thinks it's WWIII and Monta tries to 'Hang In There' while wishing this was tennis. A Premium day of fun, scoops and golf!

Mavs Monday Donuts: Inside The Locker Room

DALLAS - All the latest on Dirk's shot, Parsons' abs and Charlie V's opportunity, complete with Video Visits inside the Dallas locker room ... It's Mavs Monday Donuts!

Mavs Top Pacers In Successful Dirk Debut

DALLAS - Dirk Nowitzki took a moment to applaud the news of the Cowboys' stunning win in Seattle and then got about his own stunning brand of business Sunday night as he made his preseason debut in a Mavs' win over Indy.

Abpocalypse: Carlisle Apologizes To Parsons

'It was unfair and inappropriate to single out Chandler Parsons after the game Friday night,' Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said Sunday in regard to his remarks about Parsons' weight. 'I have apologized to him and to the entire team for this error in judgment.' Here's all you need to know about the story:

Japan's PG Yuki Togashi Coming To Dallas

Yuki Togashi, a 5-6 fan favorite in his native Japan, is heading to DFW with plans to join the D-League Texas Legends, Mavs sources tell

Mavs Donuts: Downed By OKC, Injuries + Weight

DALLAS - The Mavs drop a preseason game to OKC ... What about Parsons' weight? ... Crowder's role models ... Raymond Felton goes down, and Monta and Dirk have injury issues, too. ... Ledo shows his stuff ... Mavs Donuts!

Mavs Donuts: Parsons On 'Grinding' + 'Dirt'

DALLAS - Who wants free tickets? ... Chandler Parsons and I discuss 'grinding' - and have a bit of a misunderstanding ... Charlie V's perspective ... Should Dallas keep Jameer's minutes way down? ... The Mavs get ready for preseason game No. 2 against the visiting Thunder and has you covered with Friday Mavs Donuts!