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The Mavs And Their Parsons Project Problem

There are reasons to put Chandler Parsons on the same tier with Ariza and Deng. Among them: Dirk telling a DB.comer, 'Parsons is my boy.' But really, Parsons' is Houston's boy. Unrestricted free agency works as it works for a reason. So how can Parsons-to-Dallas work?

On the eve of free agency, the Rockets have declined the team option on the contract of Chandler Parsons. That sets him "free.'' Kinda. But this move really means there is a qualifying offer making Parsons a restricted free agent. There are some who view him to be on the same talent tier with two other Mavs targets, Trevor Ariza and Luol Deng. And Parsons certainly has the Dirk Nowitzki Stamp... Recommended Stories