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Mavs Rank: Tyson And The Center Targets

Among the Mavs' offseason focal points: Returning to a time when they employed a top-notch two-headed center - with Dalembert as the second head. We've gone inside Mavs HQ to collect thoughts on Monroe, Gortat, Gasol, Hawes, Sanders and - most interestingly - old friend Tyson Chandler. Premium stuff inside:

"Ranking'' the Dallas Mavericks' offseason center targets is tricky on two fronts. One, most lists include only free agents, and that's a far too linear way of thinking - for us, certainly, and from our discussions with sources, for the Mavs, too. And two, any "ranking'' must include the price. I "rank'' a Ferrari as my top Christmas wish, but Marcia doesn't seem to have the resources to...

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