Bennett Excited at Scott's Big Night

Mike Scott

Former Virginia forward Mike Scott had a great night with Atlanta on Sunday, scoring a career-high 30 points. Virginia head coach Tony Bennett talks about Scott's performance below.

The name Mike Scott brings elicits a lot of memories for any Wahoo faithful. Now many people around the NBA may have to take notice.

The former Virginia forward scored a career- high 30 points for the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, as the Hawks made a come-back win over the New York Knicks.

"So happy for Mike," said Virginia head coach Tony Bennett. "To see that he had 30 points, his career high and hit 6-of -7 threes and 7 -of -14 from the floor."

Bennett coached Scott for three years, after taking over as the head coach in 2009. In 2010, Scott had an ankle injury which forced him to have a seasn-ending surgery. So Bennett knows very well the adversity the former ‘Hoo had to go through.

"(Mike) came to our Georgia Tech game," said Bennett. "The night before he came to the hotel spent some time with the guys. Then sat behind the bench for the game and then came in the locker room after, and just to see him mature since when I got here, see his game develop through the injuries.. if my foot is going to hold up. Am I even going to play…that wonder to now where he is, what a blessing. "

"I know he is so thankful. And to be able to say that to him after the game in the locker room in front of our players was special, because I got to lift him up and then tell our guys, this guy we didn't know what was going to happen. To watch him mature, it was a beautiful thing. To see him have this continued success is great for his future. We are all pulling for him. I love it, because he is a good man, and to see that success is wonderful. "

Scott remain tight with his Virginia roots, and often times practiced and trained with Brad Soucie.

"Coach Soucie is great," said Bennett. "He is in a role that after they are done with their eligibility, he can work those guys out a ton. As do some of the other coaches. A lot of our alumni are coming back, which is great for our program.

"It is a special relationship they have and Mike gives him a lot of credit, it's a special relationship they have."

Scott helped lead his Virginia team to their first NCAA tournament berth in five years in 2011-2012 during his final season as a Cavalier. During that season, Scott averaged 18 points a game and just over eight rebounds a game. Although, the ‘Hoos lost to Florida in the tournament, Scott's legacy was forever engrained in the program.

Scott finished his Virginia career with 1, 538 points. Recommended Stories