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Mavs' Marion Plans To Skip Opt-Out

The Mavs have worked to persuade Shawn Marion that the exercising of his ETO and the security of a wink-wink return worth three years and $18 million is the right play. But ... 'We think Shawn is going to stand pat,' a Mavs source says. 'Which is his right.' So Trix will get his money ... and probably, his terrific Mavs career might be nearing its end.

On draft night, Dirk Nowitzki talked very frankly about the future of championship teammate Shawn Marion and the possibility he'll be leaving Dallas, in one form or another. "I think we'll cross that bridge if we get there,'' he said. "If Dwight really says he'd love to be here then that's something we have to address then. As of now, I don't know if we have to address that. I've loved...

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