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The Mavs, Dwight, CP3 & 'The Cuban Umbrella'

'I've got a lot of time to think about that,' said Chris Paul when asked about his LA future. 'I'm going to take my time and just clear my head,' said Dwight Howard when asked about his LA future. LA basketball is now dead on two fronts, so men, here's something to think about: How, in a Mavs uniform, you'll be protected by 'The Cuban Umbrella':

Were Dwight Howard's struggles with the Lakers warning signs of things to come or exactly what potential suitors were hoping for? Is Chris Paul's early playoff exit with the Clippers a sign of some sort as well? When July 1 arrives and it's time for the Mavs to make their pitch, can Dallas' Mark Cuban do something more than simply be present? Yes. Cuban can offer shelter for Superman. Yes... Recommended Stories