We get Mark Cuban talking about Lakers-hatin', about Team Tank, about the Dahntay-Morrow trade, about how close Dallas came to a bigger deadline deal, about 'Plan Powder' and 'Nuclear Winter' ... oh, and about Dirk not being 'super-uber' anymore? A dozen Golden Mavs Donuts with the owner:
1-On-1 Mavs Donuts With Mark Cuban
Mavs Donuts: On Trades, Powder, Dirk & The Lakers: 1-On-1 With Mark Cuban
Feb 23, 2013

1-On-1 Mavs Donuts With Mark Cuban

1-On-1 Mavs Donuts With Mark Cuban

We get Mark Cuban talking about Lakers-hatin', about Team Tank, about the Dahntay-Morrow trade, about how close Dallas came to a bigger deadline deal, about 'Plan Powder' and 'Nuclear Winter' ... oh, and about Dirk not being 'super-uber' anymore? A dozen Golden Mavs Donuts with the owner:

Our exclusive 105.3 The Fan/DB.com visit with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (with props to 75-Member Staffers Jonathan Auping and Nathan Wood):

DONUT 1: On how close the Mavs were to a big trade ...

Cuban: "Not even, not even a discussion was close. I mean nothing you read on HoopsHype.com or on DallasBasketball.com. We read more than we discussed.''
DONUT 2: On 'Amnesty for Kobe' and other Lakers woes ...

Cuban: "Yeah, you know. That's there problem, but they don't talk to each other so I guess they won't know (how it's going), either.''

DONUT 3: On Dirk as 'super-uber'? ...

Cuban: "We think that we got Dirk Nowitzki, who may not be the super-uber star that he was was two years ago, but I think that he'll be better next year then he was this year. And then I think we can develop Darren and OJ. And then if we can add one or two more pieces then I think we can have a championship-level team, but the question is who are those one or two pieces and how do we get them? But we're going to explore all our options.''
DONUT 4: On Plan Powder ...

Cuban: ""We still do (have flexibility) and I hate the term 'Powder Dry.' (laughing). Flexibility and the ability to be opportunistic. You can't really predict what's going to happen. General managers won't do things until the last minute and players are the same way, they won't decide things until the last minute. But we're going to go out there and take our chances. The good news is that we're really starting to like what we see of Darren Collison and OJ and Dirk playing together. Both of their games have improved dramatically. I think we may have the opportunity to do some things with cap room, keep our guys and see what happens. "

DONUT 5: On other teams suffering their own Nuclear Winters ...

Cuban: "The reality is maybe eight or nine teams have won championships in the last 25 years or whatever it is. The reality is we think that the price of players are going to go down some. We saw that this summer, we saw that at the trade deadline and we think we'll see it more this summer. The way to build a team is through as many young players you can get, you have to develop and if you can pull in a star or two in at the same time, then you have a great chance.''

DONUT 6: On the depature of Dahntay ...

Cuban: "We hate to lose Dahntay because he was a real beast, but it was kind of like when we added Peja. Peja was a knock-down shooter that could hit a shot from anywhere. We needed the same thing. We didn't have that one guy where no matter what you had to put somebody on him. And we needed that guy so we went out and got him.

"The funny thing about it was it was with no more three minutes to go in the trade deadline. It wasn't something that had been building up. It was literally last second.

"Donnie got a text, like I said, with about three minutes left to go. I was on the phone with him. He said 'what do you think?' I said, ' I hate to lose Dahntay, but we need that shooter that everybody is afraid of and Anthony Morrow is one of those guys."
DONUT 7: On appearing on Howard Stern's show ...

Cuban: "It was fun. I was actually kind of surprised. He's a great interviewer. I always thought it might get a little dirty or something and it didn't. He was really into the business side. Howard and I have always had a little relationship over the years. When we won (the 2011 NBA title) he sent me a little congratulations note and all that. And we've talked now and then. It was just fun. He's into 'Shark Tank.' He's not a huge sports fan and he's really into business, obviously. So I had a great time doing the show."

DONUT 8: Want more Mavs? ...

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DONUT 9: The entire Cuban audio visit ...

In fact, if you wish to hear the entire Cuban interview, we've got it here!

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DONUT 11: On the notion of "Team Tank'' ...

Cuban: "No it's not in my DNA at all. I hate to lose any one game. There is a time and place to say, 'You know what, the worst you can be is a 40-win team' but there's also a time and place like when I bought the Mavs, where I say, 'You know what, we have to see how good OJ and Darren can be when they play together and see how good they can get.'

"And look at our young pieces like Jae Crowder and Sarge and say you got to see how well they can play together and you got to give them minutes in tandem.

"On top of that you have to have a culture of winning. Even if we're losing games we got to have guys who know that they've got to play 48 minutes. If you look at the losing programs around the league, those are the teams that accept losing and it's hard to rebound from that. We're not in that position right now, particularly with Dirk and Vince and Trix on the team.''

DONUT 12: On belief in his Mavs as a playoff team ...

Cuban: "Oh, yeah absolutely. I don't think it's going to be easy, but we're certainly going to give it a go.''