'Every game is the Super Bowl for us, really,' Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "They're all massively important.' That, plus the DB.com Mavs Podcast, Kaman on concussions, a Portland preview, Dirk on Bob Marley and a concession that goes beyond 'process' in Wednesday Mavs Donuts!
'Mavs Super Bowl Week' In Donuts
Wednesday Morning Donuts: Welcome To 'Mavs Super Bowl Week'
Feb 6, 2013

'Mavs Super Bowl Week' In Donuts

'Mavs Super Bowl Week' In Donuts

'Every game is the Super Bowl for us, really,' Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "They're all massively important.' That, plus the DB.com Mavs Podcast, Kaman on concussions, a Portland preview, Dirk on Bob Marley and a concession that goes beyond 'process' in Wednesday Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Super Bowl Week ...

Welcome to Mavs Super Bowl Week.
The Mavs are 20-28, no closer to eighth place in the West than they are last place, and have now lost more 20-point games than anyone in the NBA.

Seven of Dallas' next eight games are at home, starting tonight with Portland.

If the Mavs are even pretending to be hanging onto playoff hopes ...

"Every game is the Super Bowl for us, really," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. "They're all massively important.''

DONUT 2: This week's Mavs DB.com Podcast ...

This is a painful process for the Dallas Mavericks and MFFLs everywhere. Our poor put-upon leader at DallasBasketball.com, Fish, had to endure Twitter taunts from DFW sports fans with short memories and poor grammar, so many of whom are failing to recall that Dallas won a title just a relatively few months ago ...

With that in mind, the boys and I roll out this week's DB.com Mavs Podcast ...

"Be Disappointed. Be Disillusioned. But Don't Be A Dumbass.''

DONUT 3: Kaman's frustration ...

Chris Kaman's frustration over being sidelined since Jan. 28 with a concussion caused him to criticize the NBA's "concussion protocol crap'' on Tuesday as he continues to undergo tests that might allow him to return to the team's rotation no sooner than this weekend.

"It's the stupidest test ever,'' the Dallas Mavericks center said. "For so many years in the NBA, they never had to do that stuff and now they come up with all that. It's not cool, but it is cool, I guess. It keeps people safe. I just try to do the right things and wait until I can pass the test."

Kaman said he is still experiencing headaches as a result of bumping his head in practice nine days ago. And so "it's not cool but it's cool'' because the tests – which will continue on Wednesday – are done for the players' benefit.

"I'd rather be playing, but at the same time I understand there's a proper way to do things medically to keep people safe,'' Kaman said. "Hopefully, it'll progress. I'll take that test, pass it and hopefully be able to play sooner or later. I'm tired of sitting around.''

DONUT 4: Quoteboard ...

"When you get slapped around like we did (Monday at OKC), you've got to bounce back and have pride. No game's been easy all year, and we don't expect them to. And we don't want them to be easy. But when you get hit like we did, you've got to respond." - Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle.

DONUT 5: Music to soothe the savage Dirk ...
"When I'm frustrated,'' Dirk tweeted on Tuesday, "Nesta Robert always comes through for me.''

DONUT 6: Portland in town ...

And here's your Blazers-at-Mavs preview ... though you could almost boil it down to, "Hey, in the final seconds, somebody make sure Aldridge doesn't get off his turnaround jumper, OK?''

DONUT 7: Vince feeling better ...

Swingman Vince Carter missed Monday's game in OKC due to an illness and was not able to practice on Tuesday due to a doctor's visit. The Mavs say Carter -- who has missed just that one game all year -- is expected to play tonight.

DONUT 8: Want more Mavs? ...

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DONUT 9: Slip-sliding away ...

You are familiar with the number that has the Mavs now at nine 20-point losses for this season, which leads the NBA. Now chew on this: In the previous two seasons combined, Dallas endured a total of FIVE such losses. That's right; this year's Mavs have been blown out twice as many times in half a season as the franchise was previously blown out in two full seasons.
DONUT 10: Join DB.com Boards! ...

Come talk about the Mavs and tonight's game and Plan Powder and the rest with Mavs fans just like you who AREN'T dumbasses on DB.com Boards!

DONUT 11: "It's a process'' ...

Jason Garrett and Rick Carlisle both use the phrase, or some form of it, a lot. Rick pulled it out again Tuesday.

"We've got to stay process-oriented,'' he said. "We've got to work on the things that are the things that help us play better, play well, give us a chance to win. We've got to go whistle-to-whistle with our concentration and our focus."

I don't blame Rick for not giving up on "process.' ' But at some point, we may need to concede that 20-28 isn't just about "process,'' but about chemistry and talent, too.

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

"It's pretty much a must-week for us." - Guard O.J. Mayo.