'Whoop 'Em Mavericks Style' In Donuts

'Whoop 'Em Mavericks Style' In Donuts

Ringing up old friends in NY and Ortegel & Fish on FSSW tonite at 6 ... Kaman's Konditioning ... The Carlisle Effect on the way to a 4-1 start? Do it his way on D, you can Flow on O. ... More befuddled and less adorable than ever, that Lamar. ... 'Whoop 'Em Mavericks Style' ... Friday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Ringing up old friends in NY ...

Jason Kidd's flip-flop that led to him signing not with the Dallas Mavericks but instead with the Knicks infuriated Mavs owner Mark Cuban at the time.

"J-Kidd's a big boy, he can do whatever he wants, but you don't change your mind like that," Cuban said in August. "I'm sure I'll get over it at some point, but as of right now, I wouldn't put J-Kidd's number in the rafters."

As I said at the time, Cuban will probably "get over it'' as quickly as tonight, when the Mavs play at Madison Square Garden and the two friends cross paths.

It will help, of course, that Cuban will be smiling at the play of his 4-1 Mavs featuring point guard Darren Collison. DC wasn't Plan A when Dallas was plotting on adding Deron Williams with Kidd coming back as his caddie.
Will Kidd be smiling, too?

"I don't play for the jersey, I play for my teammates," Kidd said, who now joins Tyson Chandler in that new Knicks jersey. "Cuban owns the team so he has a right to his opinion. But the one thing he can't take away is the championship ring. So we helped him get that."

That's just one of the themes we'll hit on tonight on the Fox Sports Southwest broadcast. Bob Ortegel and I have the pregame at 6, then we throw it to Followill and Harp in NY, and we stay up all night with the postgame on TV and on DB.com!

DONUT 2: Praise for 'Be Ready' Rick ...

The Carlisle Effect is the centerpiece of Dallas' 4-1 start, the franchise's best since 2007. What is The Carlisle Effect?

Do it his way on D, you can Flow on O.

"Be Ready'' allows Dallas to win games with Dirk, Roddy, Marion and Brand all missing, as was the case Wednesday. And then there is freedom within structure; Rick terms it playing "randomly" but adds that "parameters" are in place.

"It's not rocket science," Carlisle said.

Ah, but when Kidd ran "Flow,'' it was seen as a product of his incredible BBIQ. Now there's no Kidd, and there's still BBIQ.

The Carlisle Effect. It's not rocket science. But it is basketball science.

We are 10 halves into this season. How many poor ones has Dallas played? One, the second half in Utah? So the Mavs are 9-1 in "Good Halves Played''?

I will say this: Carlisle has IMMEDIATELY made this thing work. Ten games in. One bad half. The "Be Ready'' mantra is working. The "Do it my way on D and I'll let you Flow on O'' is working. The immediate trusting handing of the keys to DC is working.

And at this rate, Dirk not being pressured to return before he's absolutely ready ... working.

DONUT 3: 'Whoop 'Em Mavericks Style' ...

DONUT 4: Citizen Kaman ...

It's Election time and Texas-lovin' Chris Kaman and I are discussing - half-jokingly, I guess – the idea of our state seceding from the Union.

"I might be disowned for this, or something,'' Kaman tells me, "but … ''

Well, this is Premium Mavs Stuff, and supremely funny stuff. C'mon inside, my fellow Americans, Texas and Mavs fans.

DONUT 5: Kaman on the floor ...
Chris Kaman's 22 points on Wednesday ties him for the second-most points by a Mavs center in the last two decades.

Going all the way back to 2000, only TY with 23 points against the Wiz in 2011 can rank with it.

And while Kaveman has gone for 16, 16 and 22 in his three games, he's not close to being full-speed.

"I'm definitely not in the shape that I was before I got injured,'' Kaman said, referring to the calf injury that caused him to miss the first two games. "I'll be honest with you, I get tired. I'm dragging a little bit and my defense shows.''

Well, we never said he was "the best DEFENSIVE center in Mavs history.''

DONUT 6: Fish on Twitter TRUTH! ...

You are welcome to join me on Twitter. Right there.

Be forewarned, however: When you add a 'TRUTH!' or 'REALTALK!' hashtag to your tweet, it makes me assume all your other tweets were lies.

DONUT 7: "Depth? What depth?" ...

"Depth? What depth?" Carlisle said before Wednesday's game. "We don't have it anymore.''

Yeah, but just because you don't have bodies doesn't mean you don't have depth.

Getting Brand back tonight for the Knicks (Elton is in New York for the birth of his child) adds to it. But in the meantime, it's been B-Wright starting and DoJo coming out of mothballs picking it up for Nowitzki and Marion and whomever.

"We've got a deep team -- or at least we used to," owner Mark Cuban said before Wednesday's game.

Nope. Wrong. Dallas has fewer bodies. But Dallas is still deep.

DONUT 8: Hi, I'm Lamar Odom ...

More befuddled and less adorable than ever, that Lamar.

DONUT 9: Smart player, smart fans ...

Why I love DB.com Boards ... and why they love rookie Jae Crowder: Jae has played 103 minutes and has one turnover.

DONUT 10: JJB a flopper? ...

Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea learned on Monday night that he had received a warning from the NBA office for flopping -- the first such offender under the new rule.

"I need to call somebody to see what's up," JJB said. "The guy pushed off. I remember taking two charges in the game. I have to figure this out."

And now you see in action my problem with "Refereeplay,'' with using a pane of glass from 1,000 miles away to officiate games. Let the refs ref. Let the calls stand. Attempts to officiate via flawed technology only really means another layer of judgment calls -- the same sort of judgment calls the technology is wrongly presumed to be eliminating.
And having said all that: JJB probably flopped.

DONUT 11: Consistent Collison ...

Want consistant offensive production from your point guard? Darren Collison has a five-game streak of scoring at least 14 points. The last Mavs PG to do that? Devin Harris, in January of 2008.

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

It's too early to gloat. But would Deron - Dirk + a host of league-minimum Mavs have Dallas as 4-1? Maybe Rick would've still coached 'em up. Or maybe Cuban's post-Deron failed-buyer's remorse will prove to be accurate. Or maybe Deron will find himself mired in overpriced mediocrity in Brooklyn and will, someday, seek a trade from the Nets to, oh, who knows where?

But for now? 4-1 is fun. And trying to up that record tonight against two other Big Apple guys who took the road outside of Dallas will be fun, too.

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