The Mavs don't care about 'celebrating winning the summer' - so much so that held a press conference to celebrate it ... I try to get you off The Crippler ... 1-on-1 with O.J. and Elton ... Why is Nellie going to the bathroom again? ... Mbenga's back in town. Kinda ... Yes, you're skeptical about Roddy B. But if Rick says it ... Donuts!
Wednesday Mavs Donuts: Winning The Summer
Mavs Chiding Others For 'Winning The Summer' (While Celebrating Doing The Same)
Sep 12, 2012

Wednesday Mavs Donuts: Winning The Summer

Wednesday Mavs Donuts: Winning The Summer

The Mavs don't care about 'celebrating winning the summer' - so much so that held a press conference to celebrate it ... I try to get you off The Crippler ... 1-on-1 with O.J. and Elton ... Why is Nellie going to the bathroom again? ... Mbenga's back in town. Kinda ... Yes, you're skeptical about Roddy B. But if Rick says it ... Donuts!

DONUT 1: Others Won The Summer ...

Dallas Mavericks boss Mark Cuban is taking digs at the Lakers and the Nets for celebrating having "won the summer.'' ... and is doing so at a press conference carried live on the radio and in front of hundreds of fans during which he, well, is celebrating the signings of Kaman, Brand, O.J., Collison and Dahntay.

So "celebrating winning the summer'' is what all the teams do, don't they, when it's still summer?
"The Lakers have done this before,'' Cuban says, referring to the star-studded 2003-04 team that didn't win a title. "Gary Payton and Karl Malone and Kobe and Shaq were all together, and it didn't work ... It takes great chemistry. ... It takes guys wanting to be there. I don't know if all their guys want to be there."

Which guy is presently in LA that might not "want to be there''? That would be Dwight Howard, still a Mavs dream for the summer of 2013 ... in other words, even in speaking in the summer of 2012, Cuban is trying to win the summer of 2013!

"A lot of teams do a great job of winning the summer, but I never get so antsy about what happens over the summer,'' Cuban says. "Again, the Lakers will do what the Lakers do. The Nets or whoever will do what they do. But I think we've put ourselves in great position.''

Yes. The Mavs have put themselves in "great position.'' That maybe happens to be true ... and it is also another way of saying the Mavs "won the summer.''

Even though we're supposed to pretend we don't care about such things.

DONUT 2: Hugs With O.J. ...

My one-on-one visit with O.J. Mayo and the story around it is Premium Mavs stuff. Here, try a sample for yourself!

You see the same qualities in this video, I think, that you hear Rick Carlisle talking about when he says, "O.J. is a starting two-guard in this league and his best basketball is ahead of him. It was great talking to him this summer. It was clear that he wanted to be in Dallas. He had his eye on hopefully being in Dallas for a long time. I was not aware of that. That's exciting.

Want more? Check out the exclusive story on O.J. here!

DONUT 3: And Elton Brand gets the same treatment ...

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DONUT 4: "Fish, I gotta go take a piss'' ...

Did you miss the Nellie HOF video and some good old-fashioned Nellie bar-napkin stories, including "Fish, I gotta go take a piss. Here, talk to Stacom for awhile''? Come and get it!

DONUT 5: Thanks, Esparza's! ...

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DONUT 6: Cuban's quip ...

Why, a fan asks Mark Cuban, "don't the Mavs get enough credit?" "I'm a cash guy, I don't care about credit.''

It's a good line, it speaks to our MavVirus, and it demonstrates the advantages of being a billionaire, too.

DONUT 7: Want more Mavs? ...

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DONUT 9: In case you missed it ...

Childress? That Brazilian center? Nah. As we noted on Tuesday, DJ Mbenga will be that extra big body and is eventually probably Frisco-bound. This piece with David Lord will help us understand not only how some of the errant rumors get started, but also how the Mavs construct a camp roster that will now include old pal Mbenga.
DONUT 10: The light on Dwight (and Harden) ...

The rest of the league's greatest hope for Dwight not working out in LA? Shaq taking digs at Dwight is on that list. Yeah, maybe Dwight and Kobe don't get along. Or maybe Dwight will end up signing for four years elsewhere (instead of the five he can get in LA) because he wants "his team.'' But the sort of heated spotlight that Shaq and others will point at Dwight now that he's a Laker?

Howard may find the spotlight too hot.

Which is why Cuban keeps planting the aforementioned Dwight seed. And, because there is always an eye on the benefits of "Plan Powder,'' why you'll see James Harden's name being dropped into the "future FAs'' conversation as well.

DONUT 11: Roddy B and Rick ...
Does it temper our Roddy Beaubois skepticism at all when it's Rick Carlisle (again) touting him?
Says Rick: "Roddy is a kid who has a lot of ability. He's done a lot of good things. This is the year he's going to put it all together.''

I will continue to report on the Roddy B facts, which are that injuries and a lack of instincts hamper him. But I'll also continue to relay to you the positive reports from respected figured like Carlisle, who isn't playing games here. What he's playing is "Coach 'Em Up.'' A good thing.

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

HREF=""> Smoking pot causes testicular cancer. So you should stop! I know, I know, I sound like an old man. But I value my testicles more than I value my crippler and so I'd like to live to be the old man I sound like, you know?