'Childish and Ignorant' give a backhanded compliment to Dirk ... The value of ESPN's rankings (which we rank somewhere between 'subjective' and 'arbitrary') ... The real inpact of the CBA ... How much does Dallas' depth matter? ... The best way to cash in as an agent? Be an agent for a superstar who doesn't need an agent ... Donuts!
'Childish & Ignorant' Respect: Mavs Donuts
'Childish & Ignorant' Respect For Dirk And The Mavs In Donuts
Sep 14, 2012

'Childish & Ignorant' Respect: Mavs Donuts

'Childish & Ignorant' Respect: Mavs Donuts

'Childish and Ignorant' give a backhanded compliment to Dirk ... The value of ESPN's rankings (which we rank somewhere between 'subjective' and 'arbitrary') ... The real inpact of the CBA ... How much does Dallas' depth matter? ... The best way to cash in as an agent? Be an agent for a superstar who doesn't need an agent ... Donuts!

DONUT 1: Backhanded compliment? ...

Dwyane Wade says Dirk is the NBA's most respected international player. But is this really an appropriate "compliment''?

Isn't the greatness of The UberMan such that it goes beyond the boundaries of "best international player''? And aren't all the headlines attached to this story missing the real point, the point that is addressed in the link and in the thread on DB.com Boards, that Wheelchair Wade's behavior doesn't earn him to be the spokesman for anything Dirk-related?

DONUT 2: And isn't this reason enough to hold a grudge forever? ...

"Childish and Ignorant.'' Nicknames that really should stick.

DONUT 3: Ranking the NBA ...

Where do Dallas Mavericks rank individually in the NBA? We can play the game, as we do here on DB.com Boards. But we probably need to enter this mixmaster with some guidelines. F'rinstance:

*Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki is going to be ranked too low.

*ESPN is trying to rank rookies. Futile.

*No matter what system Bristol used here, it is a subjective one. It is a popularity contest, not necessarily any more meritous than when you voted for which girl should win Homecoming Queen. Heck, it might not even be as strong as "subjective.'' It might even be, depending on the voter and his mood, "arbitrary.''

DONUT 4: Having said all that ...

By the count of DB.com's Nick Reed, the Mavs are going to have five guys in the top 100. The Nuggets have seven and it seems everyone else is lagging behind in terms of depth.


Oh, and Chris Kaman came in 113, so maybe he can assign a bullet next to his own name (Kaman + Bullet seems natural)! Seriously, if you're "pro-depth,'' you can be a fan of what ESPN thinks Dallas has done ... Oh, unless you are concerned that the dropoff between wherever Dirk is and where No. 2 Mav guy Brand is might mark the biggest drop-off between a 1 and a 2.

So I'm going to stick with the "popularity contest'' theory. "Subjective.'' "Arbitrary.'' "Time-killing'' and "Donut-occupying.''

DONUT 5: Thanks, Esparza's! ...

The gang at Esparza's in Grapevine loves that it's almost Mavs season and we love Esparza's, too! Come join us on Esparza's famous front porch! Thanks for your sponsorship, Esparza's!

DONUT 6: A CBA impact ...

This is a question (and we can all wrestle with the answer). This is a question about a CBA that, so far, hasn't really prevented the spenders from spending, hasn't really kept the powers from being powerful, hasn't really -- on the surface of it -- changed much expect in how it stripped the championship Mavs of their right to make easy decisions about that roster.

Until the power imbalance forces someone like Sacramento to give up the ship, what are the other results, the other products, of the labor dispute?

DONUT 7: Want more Mavs? ...

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DONUT 8: Follow Fish and the Mavs on Twitter ...

DONUT 9: Here's the one impact ...

Look at the unsigned vets entering this week: Matt Barnes (now Clippers-bound) and Josh Childress (going to the Nets), plus Kenyon Martin (flirting with the Knicks but not wanting to take the minimum), Derek Fisher, Chris Andersen, Darko Milicic, Mickael Pietrus, Leandro Barbosa (making up stories about the Suns' interest), Anthony Tolliver, Louis Amundson, Mehmet Okur, Maurice Evans, Ryan Gomes, Tracy McGrady and old pal Josh Howard.

There's your impact: The veteran middle class (if you will) getting squeezed. ... And once again, the players lose.

DONUT 10: LeBron's buddy as his agent ...
LeBron James changing agents (from CAA to a buddy of his, Rich Paul) can have far-reaching implications for other clients and potential clients of CAA. But as James is essentially under contract for four more years, and as he will simply be given the max when it's time for a new deal, what Rich Paul now has possession of is the easiest job in sports.

As long as he keeps LeBron from doing anymore "Decision'' TV shows, that is.

DONUT 11: The DB.com Archives ...

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DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

Dwight Howard will be sidelined when the team opens its preseason slate of games Oct. 7 against Warriors. That means Howard, with that back issue, might not be ready for the regular-season opener against the Mavs, either.

Get well slow, Dwight.