Monday Morning Mavs Donuts

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts

Fish co-hosts on The Fan this week from 10-2! ... Might this year's Mavs look like last year's Pacers? ... Is there a reason there's no Delonte? ... Once again, an NBA team is flirting with a Carlisle assistant ... How less Vince could end up being more Vince ... It's Monday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Toodles to Terry? ...

According to reports from Portland-based newspaper The Oregonian, the Trail Blazers have interviewed Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Terry Stotts for their head coaching position. As is normally the case, Rick Carlisle had nothing but praise for the idea of Stotts back at the helm of an NBA team.
"There are a lot of inexperienced coaches who might lose four or five early games and get paralyzed. Terry wouldn't blink," Carlisle told The Oregonian. "It pains me to say this, but I think he's 100-percent the right coach for Portland."

"My biggest concern then would be how do I replace him?"

After the Mavs' championship season, Carlisle's coaching staff became a hot commodity around the league. That eventually led to ‘defensive coordinator' Dwane Casey leaving to become the head coach of Toronto with Monte Mathis moved up a seat on the bench to take his place.

If ‘offensive coordinator' Stotts moves on, it will be interesting to see who steps into his shoes. We trust Rick will dig back into his deep Rolodex.

DONUT 2: Where's West? ...

Since the season ended, there have been many signs pointing toward the return of Delonte West to the Mavericks. Despite being a free agent, West partied with Mark Cuban, publicly courted Deron Williams to come to Dallas, and had nothing but compliments for Rick Carlisle as an understanding players coach. With his yeoman playing style and the departure of Jason Kidd and Jason Terry, West also became a default representative of the strong Dallas locker room that the Mavs have boasted for so many years. It all seems to add up, but through the weekend. Delonte remained a free agent.

So…what's the hold up? Let's look.

DONUT 3: Depth-charting ...

As listed by Fish in Sunday's Donuts, here is the Mavs current depth chart:

PG: Collison/Roddy/Cunningham

SG: Mayo/Vince/Dahntay/Dominique

SF: Marion/Crowder

PF: Nowitzki/Brand

C: Kaman/Wright/James

DONUT 4: Not sure there's room for Delonte. ...

Obviously the front office, as well as MFFLs, love what West stands for, but is there any room for him with the depth chart as presently constructed? Assuming the Mavs have interest in ‘Bernarding' the rest of the NBA by signing second-round pick Bernard James, there is only one spot left on the depth chart. With a guard rotation of Collison, Roddy, Cunningham, Mayo, Carter, Dahntay Jones, and Dominique Jones, the Mavs front office may just find it necessary to invest in some forward depth despite DFW's Delonte obsession.

Worth noting: Dallas has a lot of guards. But does any single one of them do all the things that Delonte does so well?

DONUT 5: Mavs = Pacers ...

What would you have thought of last year's Indiana Pacers if power forward David West was replaced with Dirk Nowitzki ? In my mind, that comparison seems like somewhat of a prediction with how the 2013 Mavericks will look.

-Darren Collison was the Pacers starting point guard and will have that same role in Dallas.

-OJ Mayo and Shawn Marion will be the wings and provide the 30.8 points per game that Paul George and Danny Granger gave the Pacers.

-As stated, Dirk will be in the place of David West and be a huge upgrade.

-At center, Chris Kaman and Elton Brand will do their best to replicate the 13 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocks that Roy Hibbert offered.

Obviously it's not a perfect comparison and hypotheticals are difficult to gauge, so naturally ... let's jump right into a hypothetical. Say the Mavericks are the equivalent of that Pacers team and win at a 63% clip, good enough to finish 3rd in the Western Conference.

We good with that?

DONUT 6: Follow Fish and Kevin and the Mavs Twitterverse! ...

DONUT 7: Cuban's TV Take. ...

Mark Cuban was on NBA TV Friday during the broadcast of the Mavs' Summer League game discussing the new look of his team. Obviously Cuban was hoping the roster would include Deron Williams by July 23rd, but that didn't happen so he spun the moves Dallas did make in a positive light while also making a good point or two:
DONUT 8: More scorers surrounding Dirk Nowitzki than ever ...

With the usual characters of Jason Kidd, Delonte West, Shawn Marion, and Brendan Haywood next to Nowitzki to start games, it is truly shocking upon review how little offensive firepower there was on the floor until Jason Terry made his standard appearance in the first quarter.

Replacing Kidd, West, and Haywood with Collison, Mayo, and Kaman won't exactly provide flashbacks to the ‘Seven Seconds or Less' Phoenix Suns, but it will keep defenses honest at every position, rather than just one or two. The individual prowess of each player may provide Dirk with just an extra inch or two of space, but I'll take my chances with that considering what Nowitzki does when he was zero space.

We'll have more on Translating Cuban's Comments'' later this week.

DONUT 9: How about those kids? ...

Saturday night, rookies Bernard James and Jae Crowder combined for 30 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 blocks in a win in the NBA Summer League. Usually, that doesn't mean anything, but when that win is against the San Antonio Spurs' Summer League team, it means… well, still nothing.

But it's a good start, fellas. Spurs in Summer League are still the Spurs to me.

DONUT 10: Quick Plug and Good Deed for the Day ...

Like girls? Like football? You'll probably like girls playing football.

On August 11th, Dallas' most talented, philanthropic, and gorgeous young women will get their game faces on for the annual Blondes vs. Brunettes powder-puff football fundraiser that benefits the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Dallas Area Chapter. Blondes vs. Brunettes is a personal way to get involved and raise awareness for this grave disease that involves so many of our lives today.

Click on the link to contribute.

DONUT 11: Finding Use for Vince Carter ...

By most accounts, Vince Carter was better than expected in his first year as a Maverick. (Seriously. Think back to how low your expectations were last camp.) Carter was rarely the gunner everyone feared would shoot the Mavs out of games and even hit a clutch shot or two for his new team. Still, Carter was stretched out far more than he should have been due to the absolute negative that was Lamar Odom. Carter having to pick up Odom's slack wasn't in Rick Carlisle's plan. If Vince was able to play fewer minutes, allowing Carlisle to pick his spots to use him, he would've been an even more useful tool.

With the depth that Dallas (hopefully) has at shooting guard, Vince should be able to find a more suitable role in order to get his maximum effectiveness over a full season.

Vince in spots can be a positive Vince.

DONUT 12: Want more Mavs? ...
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DONUT 13: Fish on The Fan ...

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