Monday Mavs Donuts Live From Camp Cowboys!

Monday Mavs Donuts Live From Camp Cowboys!

OXNARD, Calif. - Monday Morning Mavs Donuts ... How Rick is playing Coach 'Em Up with O.J. ... Why are the Mavs still treating Roddy B like he's a point guard? ... Are NY basketball fans completely mush-headed? ... The Fear of the Mavs Unknown ... Oh, yeah, and what the heck am I doing in Oxnard investigating Jerry Jones' 'glory holes'? Donuts!

DONUT 1: joins forces with 105.3 The Fan and CBS Radio ...

I'm proud to announce that The 75-Member Staff is working in conjunction with 105.3 The Fan to take you inside the Mavs and inside the Cowboys, too ...

And that starts today, with me providing live on-the-air updates from Camp Cowboys in Oxnard, California! I'll be traveling with the Cowboys to preseason games, regular-season games, you name it ... And the same focus that we provide the Mavs here on will be applied to the Mavs and the Cowboys on 105.3 The Fan. Listen live here for some Fish on Football and for breaking Mavs stuff, too ... throughout today and every day ... and we'll take you inside the teams in every possible way! (Even with this Jerry audio, which depending on your oil-and-gas exploration background may or may not be safe for work):

I've covered a skillion NFL training camps, as you may know, but never one that was launched with a proclamation from the team owner that, "I ants "I've been here 23 years. I've been here want me some glory hole.''

DONUT 2: O.J. and 'Coach 'Em Up' ...

We are already seeing the Coach 'Em Up benefits of the Dallas Mavericks' Triangle of Trust as it relates to O.J. Mayo.
Turns out, Rick Carlisle was in contact with the erstwhile Memphis star over the course of the summer. Trust that Rick talked to him straight-up about what his role could be here.

And then comes Donnie, who made the media rounds after the signing of O.J. to talk of "penciling him in'' as a starter and of how Mayo so smoothly accepted his demotion from starting with the Grizzlies.

"He's a good kid,'' says Donnie, and if his "goodness'' is in part about accepting his limitations while at the same time reaching for his peak, maybe Dallas is onto something here.

DONUT 3: "The Next LeBron'' ...

And what are those limitations? Well, they begin with accepting that O.J. Mayo -- star of Sports Illustrated features and SLAM covers when he was just 19 -- is something shy of the heir to LeBron.

A moment of understanding here: Imagine yourself at age 15 or 16, being told you are "The Next Whatever.'' "The Next Elvis.'' "The Next DaVinci.'' "The Next Steve Jobs.''

How do you handle it?

Are there times in O.J.'s NBA career when he's seemed, well, full of himself? Certainly so. But somewhere between the rookie who scored 18 points a game and the sub who didn't fit into Memphis' cap-related plans this year ... that is the guy capable of filling a very specific set of needs for Dallas.

He was a top-three pick from four years ago and he doesn't need to live up to that.

He simply needs to respond positively to Donnie's stroking and to Rick's Coach 'Em Up and Dallas likely has itself a very functional second-tier standout.

DONUT 4: Is Roddy B a point guard yet? ...

Talked to Donnie the other day. He mentioned Roddy B's development as a point guard.

Is it about team need? About Roddy's lack of 2-guard size? A trade-minded puff-up?

I don't see it. I don't get it. Here's hoping, though, that our man Roddy B does.

A P.S. about Roddy B as a point guard: I believe that if the Mavs truly believed in his immediate future there, they would've not bothered to re-up Delonte. Fact is, for all the guards on this roster and for all the "combo'' guards here -- all the way up to O.J. and his desire to play some point -- Collison without Delonte meant just one true PG on the roster.

DONUT 5: Thanks to our pals at Studio Movie Grill! ...

Studio Movie Grill -- Eat, Drink, Movies! -- is teamming up with for some fun Mavs-lovin' projects. We're proud of our partnership ... check 'em out!

DONUT 6: The New York Mush-Heads ...

I refuse to believe that Knicks fans -- for any reason -- are defecting to the Nets.


First of all, it seems to me that a loyal Knicks fan is like a loyal Rockets fan ... and while it might've been fun in the last decade or so to be a Spurs fan than to be a Rockets fan, a Rockets fan simply wouldn't tranfer over to San Antonio.

A Rockets fan is supposed to sports-HATE the Spurs.

And there is this: What, exactly, have the Nets accomplished that would cause New Yorkers who've spent years loving their woeful Knicks to jump to the similarily woeful Nets? Do Knicks fans leave their team because another team has a new stadium? Because it re-signed its point guard? Because it changed its uniform colors?

Maybe I'm giving the NY sports fan too much credit, but ... to me, it's like a Longhorns supporter switching to the Sooners because, whether it's for the moment or for a decade, the Sooners seem "cooler.''

Are NY sports fans really that mush-headed?

DONUT 7: The NBA's Second Sport ...

That's how we refer to Summer Shopping; it's become it's own sport. And around here, because of our access to the thinking at Mavs HQ (and thanks to David Lord's cap knowledge), we have a front-row seat to the game.

Which brings us to an astute observation from D-Lord, who notes:

For many moons the Mavs have made the roster-clogging mistake of routinely exercising team options year after year on low draftees that can't play a lick and have shown nothing. They have a decision to make on DoJo this summer.

Will they do it again?

They've always had the alternative of declining the option, which would allow the player to be a free agent the following summer. At that point, they could still sign them again if they wanted. In the case of DoJo, up until Oct 31 they can guarantee him the 2013-14 season at $2.3M - and if they do so, someone should be fired for being the Dumbest Guy in the Room.

DONUT 8: Thanks to the good people of ...

My family has been going to see Dr. Berlin at for 15 years and there is a reason. They are the very best ... the best dentists in all the land. They love their Mavs and they love and we're proud of our association with!

DONUT 9: Follow Fish and the Mavs on Twitter ...

DONUT 10: Fear of the Unknown ...

So how long is the wait? ...

We do not like the unknown.

We do not like to wait.

We are not any different from the Mavs themselves. "Plan Powder'' is the product of their interpretation of the way to succeed under the new CBA, not a preferred path to travel down while we all sit on our hands.

They had a Paul plan, a Deron plan, a Dwight plan ... and here's the question:

If Dallas dumps "Plan Powder'' to instead grab at inferior talent that doesn't add up to comparable to the Lakers, Thunder, Heat, whomever ... is the franchise truly more likely to contend for a title?
As powerhouses emerge, "Plan Powder'' might be more necessary than ever. But patience is painful. It is so for you, for me, for Dirk Nowitzki, for the Mavs themselves.

DONUT 11: Want more Mavs? ...

We've got the best and deepest coverage of the Mavs available anywhere ... take our free seven-day trial and then get your Mavs gold for pennies! Go Mavs and Go Premium!

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

Michael Vick wants the authorities to let him get a dog for his kids. WHAT? The authorities let Michael Vick have kids?!
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