Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Squirt Guns!

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Cuban and Simmons and squirt guns and cannons and Chris Kaman and Elton Brand ... What'd DoJo and the kids do in Vegas last night? ... Kidd and TMZ ... Banners Fly Forever - but Jet and Kidd jerseys are going to have to fly later ... Does Dwightmare-to-Dallas get easier if he takes a fork in the road to Houston? ... Donuts!

DONUT 1: The Rookie Revue is The DoJo Show ...

The Mavs beat Denver 88-77 on Sunday in Vegas, and as we review the game, we can't get away from Dominique Jones Talk.

DoJo scored 32 - a so-far high in Summer League - and it leaves us wondering whether this is big-time improvement for Dominique as a shooter or simply a commentary on the glorified practice session that Summer League represents.
We've got our rewiew of Summer Lovin' Game 1 here.

DONUT 2: Cuban Vs. Simmons on Twitter ...

"I wasn't crazy about Elton Brand and Chris Kaman playing together in 2006 when they were still good." - ESPN's Bill Simmons on the Mavs' recent moves.

"The next smart personnel comment you make will be your first." - Mavs owner Mark Cuban's response to Bill.

It's a Twitter war! Yay!

But why don't you lads put away your squirt guns while I roll in the cannons?

DONUT 3: Do we care what Bill Simmons thinks? ...

Well, sure. He's a smart fan with a loud and clever voice. (And he reads, and you know how much I respect Dear Readers.)

That doesn't make him personel-director-smart ... and in a moment you will see that as skilled as Bill is in so many ways, it's clear he doesn't possess the long-term memory for such a job, anyway.

So ... Bill claims he didn't like the first- and fourth-best players on the 2006 Clippers teamming up, eh?

The 2006 Clippers -- Simmons' adopted team when he moved from Boston (and the Celtics' bosom) to LA -- featured Brand as a 25/10 guy (at age 26). And as a fourth option, Kaman as a 12/10 guy (Kaman was 23).

The Clippers made the playoffs that year for the first time in nine seasons and came within one game of the WCF.

There is NO WAY any Clippers fan didn't love that team and that pairing …

And in fact …

I checked.

Simmons did not write a single negative word about the pairing in 2006. He wrote thousands and thousands of words about "his team'' and (unless I'm missing some old ESPN archive)) never wrote what he now claims to have felt about Brand/Kaman.

The only negative things he ever wrote about Kaman were about the young center resembling Hulk Hogan. (As is the "comedian's'' wont, it seems as if he's written the same line about 20 times in the last eight years.

Bill Simmons LOVED the Clippers of that era. He (and I am not making this up) evaluated Shawn Livingston as being the next Magic Johnson. He touted Sam Cassell as deserving of MVP candidacy. He compared Quentin Ross favorably to Bruce Bowen.

And Brand? Here's the sort of "cricitism'' Bill issued about Brand in 2006:

* "They have an MVP candidate in Elton Brand.''

* "I admire Elton Brand so much.''

* "Now he's one of the best 10 players in the league, a guaranteed 25-11 every night, a work horse, a true franchise guy. He commands a double team at all times. He's better than every power forward in the league except Duncan and Nowitzki.''

What does all this evidence mean? That Bill Simmons is a flip-flopping knee-jerker who likes guys when they play for his favorite team(s) (especially when two of them are combining for 37 points and 20 rebounds a night) but dislikes them when they go play for the enemy?

Yes. In other words, he's a fan. A passionate and clever fan with a loud voice and a short memory. In that sense, I'm kind of on Simmons' side here; he told a joke but now he's stumbled into a trap of being held to a level of responsibility (NBA personnel executive) far higher than the level of his true calling (passionate and clever fan).
Meanwhile, Cuban and Simmons are friendly. So this isn't really a war. Therefore, I'll put away the cannons now. You may once again unholster your squirt guns, lads.

DONUT 4: Jerseys Fly Forever ...

Carlisle said it about Jason Terry and Jason Kidd, and it's a fitting final tribute to their contributions -- for now.

Carlisle said: "With Kidd not being back and Terry not being back those are two guys whose numbers are going to be hanging in the rafters here. Jason Kidd is a once in a generation type of player."

Kidd and Jet jerseys in the rafters? I'm all for it, on a personal and professional level. That goes for all the silly pro-Celtics things Jet is about to say and it even goes for Kidd after his horribly irresponsible weekend at the wrong end of a bottle and in the wrong seat of a car as he earned a DWI in The Hamptons. (Photos, hanging off light fixtures, buddies letting him get away with it, TMZ, the works.

Those fellas have been nothing but great to me, and they've obviously been great Mavs, too.

But I'd kinda like this Carlisle mention to now be filed away in an AAC cabinet and not extracted again until the proper time -- a proper time that is years in the future.

There are look-back memories to be cherished, yes. But more important than that, there are look-forward tasks to be done.

DONUT 5: Jet's quote to coach you away ...

"I knew I was going to be a free agent this summer, and watching the playoffs and seeing that they were one game away, I automatically, in my mind, envisioned myself in a Celtics uniform, and God willing, it happened, and it will happen pretty soon. So, I'm very excited, and I'm looking forward to it."
That's Jason Terry on Saturday in Boston, announcing his arrival. That's not "betrayal'' ... it's just "business.'' Jet struggled all year to understand that. He clearly gets it now. And so should the rest of us.

DONUT 6: Dwightmare Update ...

I commend Houston GM Daryl Morey's commitment to bringing Dwight Howard to the Rockets. It's not dissimilar to Dallas' commitment to do the same ... except that while Dallas is trying to execute "Plan Powder'' while still stretching the Dirk Window, Houston truly is close to "Dwight-or-Bust'' territory simply because Morey has cleared out ... everything.

Morey has been grabbing picks, dumping contracts, trying to sign Omer Asik, trying to sign Jeremy Lin, grabbing more picks (Lowry to Toronto for a protected first-round pick), dumping more contracts (amnesty on Luis Scola) ... risking it all for a player in Howard who might find his way in trade to Houston ...

But who has given no indication that he'd re-up there and forfeit a chance at free agency next summer.

DONUT 7: What's this got to do with Dallas? ...

Word in Houston is that if they can get Dwight, they will recruit Hakeem Olajuwon (a Howard "big brother) to sell him on the beauty of Houston.

I can see that working.

The Mavs, of course, will hope Dwight tries summer of 2013 free agency. They know his Brooklyn dream will be dead. They hope he'll dislike Houston. And they'll try to win with a pitch that mirrors the Deron pitch in at least one regard: We'll be right back to Houston being able to offer five max years to Dallas' four.

And hopefully that big-fish pitch goes more smoothly than this summer's.

DONUT 8: Follow Fish and the Mavs Twitterverse ...

DONUT 9: Thanks to our friends at Studio Movie Grill! ...

We're already visiting with Shawn Marion about staging a party of some sort with our friends at Studio Movie Grill ... thanks, y'all, for your support of the Mavs and!

DONUT 10: breaks the story on the Dallas-Boston talks ...

We were first in giving you the possibilities of a Jet sign-and-trade to Boston ... and on Saturday morning, we broke the story of why talks were ceased.

Our news came in two steps: One, a source informed us that Terry had official been renounced. Second, a source inside Mavs HQ followed that up by saying that such a sign-and-trade idea that would've brought a small piece back to Dallas (say, Pietrus) was unattractive because, "We don't want to take back anything. Room is still important.''

So is it dead yet? Would you be interested in an exclusive look at how Dallas can s&t Jet out and get Calderon from Toronto in while giving up virtually nothing?

Read this Premium breakdown and stay tuned.

DONUT 11: We admit it: We're a little sicko ...
And if you are, too -- sicko enough to be obsessed with every single detail of the Mavs' dollars and personnel and assets and, well, everything -- you've come to the right place. I mean ... if Dirk's got a hangnail, we're on it. Latest tiny sample: We've discovered that the Mavs? have an unsigned FA hold of $854,389 on Vernon Maxwell!

Of course, besides the obscurities of the Mavs, we also play the hits - which is why we bring you inside the latest thinking on trading for long-time Mavs fave Andre Iguodala. .

DONUT 12: The Final Word ... buddy "Fred McTweeter'' that Elton Brand, who is being paid just $2.1 mil by his new employer the Mavs while being paid $16 mil by his former employer the Sixers is simultaneously the best and worst contract in the NBA. Recommended Stories