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Has Mavs Management Lost Its Mojo?

Have the Mavs' self-imposed financial constraints under the new CBA made them non-'playahs'? Is there a perception the Mavs aren't ‘spenders,' aren't ‘committed,' aren't ‘cool'? The Nets,' Deron says, 'are willing to spend money.' Which means what about Dallas? Has Mavs Management Lost Its Mojo, Baby? Our Mavnalysis:

The quotes from D-Will continue to haunt ... *"I love Dallas, I was looking forward to going home and living there. It fits more of my lifestyle with four kids.'' *"People close to me know how hard it was to not pick Dallas ...I think Mark is a great owner.'' *"I just felt like Brooklyn - the way they were going and willing to spend under this new CBA - was a better situation." *"But as... Recommended Stories